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The fun way to learn tables for kids

Learning tables can be a big task for the kids. They just donít want to practice or remember the tables. They find it difficult to memorize so many things at once. So, what is the best way to tackle this problem? Simply make it a game. Instead of nagging your child to learn the tables throughout the day, just make it a fun way to study. There are different ways to make it interesting.

Your child will love tables

You can take the help of two kids. Just set a table that you want your kids to revise. For example it is the 8ís table. Get the answers ready first. Then make the two kids sit at the two ends of the room. Start asking the tables randomly. Whoever raises the hand first gets to answer the question. If one of the kid answers it wrong, then the other kid gets the chance to answer the question and is eligible to get a bonus point.

Conduct this game frequently so that a sense of competition builds up among the kids. They will try to work hard on the tables. Eventually they will become masters in tables and will be able to answer the questions in seconds!

There are online math games too that you can try. But, it is better to keep them a little away from computers initially. You can introduce them to different online games or apps when they are 8 or 10 and are able to handle the electronics independently. Till then involve them in these fun activities.

Rewarding the kids can motivate them a lot. They love gifts. So, include small gifts in their learning process. Studies should be made a fun element or else the kids refrain from studying the huge syllabus.

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