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Lets start the day with a fun-filled puzzle

Puzzles are loved by everyone. It is like a competition that gives you ultimate satisfaction when you win! Be it the kids or the adults, everyone loves solving puzzles. It is like a problem that you need to solve in a very short period of time. It enhances your thinking and reasoning power. Kids would love this exercise as they are curious about everything at this stage. They want to know the problems and get the solutions.

Kids love pattern games

So what are pattern games? Patterns are already included as a topic in Mathematics. However, before your kid joins the school, how about introducing them the concept of patterns in advance? This should sound cool as your kid will be all ready to solve the problems without even taking help! Patterns are nothing but duplicating one of the designs out of the pattern cards. Different blocks of different shapes and colors will be provided, and your child has to replicate the designs.

A lot of math concepts have to be applied like symmetry, matching, fractions and sorting. Pattern play is a favorite of all the parents. This is probably the first thing they would buy for their little kids. It is a simple game, yet forces the brain cells to work effectively! These games are easy available. You can also purchase it online in case you do not find a good shop or if it is unreachable.

Pattern play is meant for the kids who are 3 years of age or above. The blocks have so many vibrant colors that the kids will automatically get attracted. They would love solving this puzzle throughout the day.

Let your kid play, learn and enjoy with the pattern games! Teach them what they should do before they start the puzzle.

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